Our Team

Atieh Roshan Consulting includes a team of full-time directors and managers as well as a team of both full-time and part-time consultants and researchers.

As our staff members are from a variety of backgrounds and fields of study such as management, human resource management and industrial management, they possess a high level of skill and competence.

Seeking international cooperation and running different consulting and research projects have broadened our experience and wisdom. Combined with an excellent command of current science and the latest standards in this field, this experience has helped us to carry out a wide array of projects. We are committed to offer professional and sincere services to our clients, maintaining complete confidentiality. To this end, we integrate global science with the local needs of our work.

Amir Mohammad Pahlavnejad


Amir has over 20 years of experience working as a production lead and production manager in the UK and Iran (1998-2005), and as an HR consultant, trainer and coach since he joined Atieh Roshan in 2005. He works with a wide range of organizational levels from senior professionals to board members providing HR and leadership development solutions in the form of coaching sessions, training, and group facilitation workshops in the areas of personal leadership (values, vision & mission, signature strengths, objectives, time and stress management and lifestyle), team building, communication skills, lead management, coaching skills and organizational leadership.

Amir holds a Master’s degree in Counselling and Guidance (2011-2013) from Islamic Azad University (IAU), Science and Research Branch, and a BSc in Mining Engineering (1989-1993) from Islamic Azad University (IAU) of Tehran. He also completed an intensive vocational program in Business Management (2002-2005) at Iran Management Institute.

Amir is a certified business coach by Denkerfolg Intercultural (Austria) and Frank Bresser Consulting & Associates (Germany), and a certified life coach from Academy of Choice (USA). He has a Lead Management, Choice Theory and Reality Therapy certification from William Glasser Institute (WGI) and also is a faculty member of WGI. Amir is a certified PSI a&dc (UK) facilitator authorized to run a variety of assessor skills workshops and to design, manage and run assessment and development centers. Furthermore, he is capable to use a variety of personality and behavioral questionnaires.

Amir actively started offering development and training solutions in Iran in 2006. Some of his clients include: Danone, Arya Sasol, Bayer, Novartis, Savola, Saman Bank, Fine, Carrefour (the Iran Branch named Hyper Market), Saman Insurance, Saman Electronic Payment, and JTI.

Amir was Atieh Roshan’s Managing Director from 2009 till 2018 and is currently serving as the chairman of Atieh Roshan Consulting. Amir is also the co-founder of RaiMana Coaching Institute.

Amir lives in Iran and is fluent in English and Persian.

Mojgan Shateri

Project Manager

Mojgan has been with Atieh Roshan since 2008 and entered as a consultant in assessment projects in 2010. Mojgan has great experience in job analysis and designing competency based interview questionnaires. She has participated in several assessment/development center projects and has interviewed more than 600 people from different levels. She has also cooperated in designing and performing recruitment and assessment courses for different companies.

Alborz Manzouri

Senior Consultant / Project Supervisor

Alborz joined Atieh Roshan in 2011 and has been actively involved in different areas of team building, human resources consulting, compensation and benefit consulting as well as the research project “Iran Annual Compensation and Benefit Survey”. His role as designer and facilitator of the activities and workshops on team building and team development has been of great significance. Alborz holds a BA in Business Administration.

Alenoosh Shahnazarian


Alenoosh has been with Atieh Group since 2005. She has been working at Atieh Borna Negar as an Assessor since 2013. She has done recruitment and promotional interviews for hundreds of people in different positions and has participated in several assessment centers.

Alenoosh received a Master’s degree in French Language and Literature in 2003. Her working background includes teaching French in private foreign language institutes and also working as a secretary of the Ambassador of Senegal in Iran. Alenoosh participated in the following courses held by a&dc:

  • Assessors Skills
  • Feedback Skills
  • Center Management and Design
  • Competency Based Interviews
  • Competency Design

Dorsa Zarghami


Dorsa joined Atieh Roshan as a researcher in 2013. Since then, she has been actively involved in Atieh Roshan’s projects on “Annual Compensation and Benefit” as well as consulting projects including job analysis and designing salary structure. Dorsa has an MA in Human Resource Management.

Atieh Roshan Consulting, based on its highly flexible and flat, non-hierarchical structure, has managed to make the best use of its own genuine talents in different projects. ARC consists of national and international consultants, who cooperate both full-time and part-time as well as on a project basis.