Leadership, Development & Coaching

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

As an HR consulting company, one of our main objectives is to empower and enhance the capabilities of specialists, middle managers and senior managers of organizations in the fields of human resource leadership as well as human resource management. Our trainers make every effort to contribute to the human capital development in organizations by using their unique experiences and the most recent findings on the desired areas.

  1. Leadership Development Program
  2. Coaching Certificate
  3. Team Building
  4. HRM Professional Training

1. Leadership Development Program

Leadership Academy is the result of more than a decade of scientific and practical efforts in designing, localizing and holding competency-based courses in a leadership scope.

The Leadership Development program, designed by Leadership Academy, is the successful outcome of more than a decade of experience in designing and localizing the similar international courses on communication, management and leadership skills development, as well as running related courses for well-known Iranian and international organizations which are active in the Iranian market. In this area, Atieh Roshan Consulting has been cooperating with many certified international institutes, which have been actively involved in this field. This course covers the most urgent and important areas and subjects in different levels of leadership :

Personal Leadership Layer

  • Life balance and family wisdom
  • Mindset and success
  • Personal leadership
  • Enriching relationships with significant others

Communication Skills Layer

  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Intercultural communication
  • Assertiveness skills
  • Interpersonal negotiation
  • Interpersonal conflict resolution
  • Effective presentation
  • Customer care

Decision-Making Skills Layer

  • Creative thinking
  • Problem analysis
  • Problem-solving and decision-making

General Management Layer

  • General management skills
  • Principles of team work
  • Group leading and facilitating
  • System thinking

Organizational Leadership Layer First Level: Cognitive

  • Lead management (Basic)
  • Lead management (Advanced)
  • Lead management applications
  • Principles of coaching

Organizational Leadership Layer Second Level: Emotional

  • Psychological capital in the organization
  • Positive intelligence in the organization
  • Organizational engagement (RESPECT)

Organizational Leadership Layer Third Level: Ethics

  • Ethics and moral behavior in the organization
  • Integrity and honesty in the organization

2. Coaching Certificate

Accredited Coaching Certificate program

Leadership Academy, in an international cooperation and in association with Choice Theory & Reality Therapy Institute-Iran and Academy of Choice, have proceeded and launched a professional “Coaching Certificate” program in Iran for the first time. This program is entirely run in Persian. Our program is conducted both virtually and in-person and takes 9 to 12 months; the precise implementation is supervised carefully by experienced and competent coaches.

This program is run exclusively by Leadership Academy and Choice Theory & Reality Therapy Institute-Iran, who are official representatives of Academy of Choice Institute-America. Kim Olver is International William Glasser Institute (WGI) Senior Faculty and WGI International Trainings Executive Director and the founder and concessioner of Academy of Choice-America. All the material of this program is presented by a team of trained and certified expert coaches in Leadership Academy and is precisely consistent and in exact accordance with Academy of Choice’s Choice Coaching program in the US. This program is scientifically supervised by Dr. Ali Sahebi, the program scientific director, a clinical psychologist, WGI Senior Faculty and official representative and director at Choice Theory & Reality Therapy Institute-Iran.

All training and learning processes in Leadership Academy’s Coaching Certificate program are co-operative and co-active. To collect experience in both areas of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, you will be engaged in theoretical fundamentals and behavioral infrastructure, motivation, decision making and action planning about the people you will guide via a coaching process. You will also do plenty of practical exercises and activities. Choice Coaching Program provides a powerful process and supportive tool to supervisors, managers and leaders to establish effective communication with their employees and unlock their hidden potential. This will allow them to gain the desired results immediately and with a minimum amount of time and effort.

The goal of the Coaching Certificate program

The Choice Coaching Program is designed to provide an opportunity for organizations to turn their managers and leaders into effective and capable coaches to take part in individual and group excellence. Coaching is the most outstanding role of leaders beside managing, friendship and mentoring roles. The growth and development of people and organizations is only achieved through a coaching role of a leader/manager.

This program is designed to suit a wide range of individuals in supervisory, middle and top managerial levels. The Choice Coaching Program increases the coaching potential, efficiency and self-confidence of any organizational manager and leader.

Through completing the Choice Coaching Program, you will have leaders who will :

  • Possess a high level of self-confidence in coaching
  • Start coaching in real life areas for instant and immediate results
  • Guide and coach subordinates in individual and organizational levels more effectively and with a consistent and integrated approach
  • Coach effectively in important areas of their team and their organization

Coaching applications

Choice Coaching has a wide variety of applications such as:

  • Gaining team members’ commitment to reach the shared target
  • Increase in retention of effective people (i.e. preventing turnover of productive staff)
  • Enhancing organizational performance of financial and non-financial functions
  • Supporting “performance management” efforts
  • Maximizing investments on employee training and education
  • Establishing a performance-oriented environment & culture, commitment, responsibility & accountability and organizational loyalty

Choice Coaching is a mixture of training tools, resources and co-active virtual and in-person trainings. The entire program is designed to carefully fulfill each individual and organization’s specific needs in an integrated and harmonized approach.

The length of the Coaching Certificate program

This 80-hour-program takes 9 to 12 months to complete. Participants can complete the program in minimum time according to their own pace and time arrangements. As the in-person workshops are held every 4 to 6 months, the fastest possible time to complete the program for a participant with enough free time and acceptable amount of practice would be around 9 months. After taking part in the last workshop (the second 2-day specialized workshop), participants have 3 months to submit their final assignment and prepare for the final in-person assessment.

The program execution method

This comprehensive program, which is launched in Persian in Iran for the first time, is entirely conducted with a systematic and scientific approach and based on a practical and time-tested theory. The program is presented in two alternative parts:

  1. Virtual / online training
  2. In-person training – First workshop (general), second and third workshops (specialized) and final in-person assessment

1- Virtual / Online Training

A fast, progressive and enhancing process is designed in six defined phases (modules) as presented below:

First module: Fundamentals of coaching, definitions and differences between “Counseling”, “Coaching” and “Consulting”, coaching codes of ethics
Second module: Introduction to choice theory coaching, human basic needs and need strengths, basics of planning
Third module: Life, relationship and communication health, motivation, decision making process, change in perception and self-sabotaging thoughts
Fourth module: Organizational coaching, change process, win-win compromise, coaching challenges and solutions
Fifth module: Niche marketing or identifying target markets, making websites, blogging and media
Sixth module: Self-assessment, 3 months project and final assignment

After registering to the program, you will be provided with a username and password to proceed with the sextet coaching modules in your free time. The sextet modules or phases include theoretical information and fundamental theories, self-assessments, assignments and change models. You can complete these modules and take the online exams in your desirable and possible speed, and in the final phase take part in the final assessments according to your free time. Each module consists of video and audio files, written material, recording and submitting coaching session role plays, self-assessments, individual and group assignments and discussions. Each participant can complete each module and pass through its exam to the next one considering the time he/she has.

In the registration phase, you will be assigned a coach. You will have the opportunity to communicate with your coach for clarification and better comprehension and to get enough guidance via email or virtual discussion rooms that have been created especially for this matter, as well as doing assignments with her/him or your peers. Your coach will provide you with his/her availability time table accordingly.

2- In-Person Training:

First workshop (general), second and third workshops (specialized) and final in-person assessment.

2-1- First workshop (general):

The goal of this workshop is to get to know the coaching environment, which will facilitate your entrance to other modules with a more suitable and reliable approach. This workshop is a supportive prerequisite to the program.

2-2- Second and third workshops (specialized):

These two workshops will be held after the third and sixth module respectively and take place every 4 to 6 months. Participants who have completed related modules and material related to each workshop are then allowed to take part for two days (16 hours) and practice the coaching-required skills practically. These two-day specialized workshops are opportunities for participants to practice or observe the practical patterns of coaching through role plays and real coaching sessions. You are allowed to take part in these workshops as long as you feel not yet ready for coaching.

3-2- Final assessment:

3 months after the third workshop, a final assessment session will be held (120 minutes for each participant). Each participant will be asked to conduct one or two live coaching sessions based on virtual and in-person received trainings, in front of a group of Choice Coaching Program coaches. The score of this part has direct influence on their final assessment.

Receiving the Coaching Certificate

After completing this 80-hour program, which takes 9 to 12 months, and successfully completing the final online and in-person assessment by acquiring a minimum score of 800 out of 1000 (“more than expected” or 4 out of 5), participants are awarded the official coaching certificate issued by the Academy of Choice. This certificate is also accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The scoring guidelines are shared with participants at the beginning of the program.

After completing this 80-hour program (which is the perquisite for an ICF certificate), participants who wish to receive the ICF certificate should register for the online exam and complete payment of the online exam fees. They will receive the international certificate after passing the ICF exam.

Why the Choice Coaching Certificate program ?

Our differentiators What it means to you
Brain-Based Model We coach based on a brain functioning model of Choice Theory, a solid psychological theory that clearly explains why and how people behave and then provides strategies to help them.
Relationship Focused Leadership is an art of creating and maintaining relationships that work. You will learn the 7 Ls of quality relationships.
Client-Focused We listen, understand and explore clients’ strengths, qualities, needs and wants, and help them to take action based on their own strengths and qualities.
Solution-Focused We are not problem-focused. We explore all avenues to find solutions. This approach always creates energy and optimism in every environment.
Quality-Focused We are following Edward Deming and William Glasser’s quality management, quality work and quality learning environment criteria. In this process, person-to-person programs are delivered by professionals with a passion for their work.
Self-Evaluation-Focused As you may know, self-evaluation is the gateway to any major change. You will learn the stage model for teaching self-evaluation to people you are leading.
Process-Oriented Our coaching model is not technically oriented, but rather based on a solid theory and process. Nothing is left to chance and subjectivity. In all stages of our coaching model, we follow a clear pathway and know where we are heading and what is already passed. This enables the coach and coachee to constantly evaluate themselves, the results of each part, and the expected outcomes against the evidence-based and objective coaching process.
You will learn to dynamically and creatively evaluate your clients to help them to choose a responsible behavior, which is also useful and effective for themselves.
Explore Alternatives We help you consider alternative, effective and responsible courses of action.
Customized Programs We purposely build and connect our tools and skills to meet your specific requirements.
Ongoing Supervision Ongoing supervision will help you understand what it is like being on the receiving end of the coaching services. At the Academy, we will support you and hold you accountable for integrating your new skills of Choice Theory Coaching and successfully transition into the next phase of your career.
Logistic Support We are a dynamic group. Our locally based team of well-trained and competent coaches as well as the provided solid program are supervised and supported by William Glasser Institute Iran and Leadership Academy. We provide our clients with continuing support and internationally updated teachings and research.

3. Team Building Activities

One of our most popular programs designs and delivers teambuilding workshops for companies based on their needs and requirements.

  • The objective of the teambuilding program is to get people to feel that they are in an environment in which they can support one another and work as a team.
  • Team building workshops are designed with a focus on various issues such as developing interpersonal skills, minimizing a “them and us” culture, adapting to change, and increasing teamwork skills and other needs in a company.

Team building consists of several activities and the objectives could be as follows:

  • To practice working together and cooperate effectively
  • To facilitate team work between two different teams
  • To build a new team
  • To tackle team issues (communication, conflict, decision making, stress tolerance…)
  • To have fun at the same time
  • And to make employees feel and learn they can support one another and work as a team.

At the end of the workshop, participants usually have a better understanding of each other and what they can do to improve their work environment. At Atieh Roshan Consulting, we stress that each person is responsible for improving their work environment and that they should feel that they have an active role in making a positive change.

4. HRM Professional Training

As an HRM consulting company, one of our main objectives is to empower HR specialists and managers and to increase the capacity in this section through practical teaching of principles and subjects in this area. Our professional training programs in the area of human resource management are offered as three certifications in a highly practical and operational way. The titles of these three certification programs are:

  1. HR specialist certificate (vocational program)
  2. Reward management certificate
  3. Assessor and center skills certificate

We also deliver training workshops in the following fields:


  • Job analysis and Job evaluation
  • Compensation and benefit principles
  • Statistical concepts in compensation and benefit management
  • Designing pay structure (fixed and variable)


  • Assessor skills
  • Competency based interview principles and skills
  • 360° feedback
  • Center design and management
  • Giving constructive feedback
  • The application of psychometric questionnaires in assessment


  • Human resources principles
  • Competency framework design
  • Recruitment and selection principles
  • Performance management and appraisal
  • Training process based on ISO standard
  • Labor relations, social security and insurance, Iran’s principles of labor law
  • Preparation for job market entrance
  • CV writing
  • Preparation for participating in recruitment interviews

Our other services

Human Capital Index Surveys

All over the world, pioneer organizations observe the most significant human capital indexes such as reward, motivation, employee commitment and engagement over different specified periods of time and then analyze them diligently. These surveys are consistently conducted by specialized consulting companies, which practice standard techniques in this area.

HRM Consulting

One of the important considerations of organizations is preserving their competiveness in the market, having internal equity and creating an appropriate environment for human capital selection and retention to offer quality performance. ARC, relying on the standard techniques and valuable experiences gained through running numerous projects, has managed to become a strategic partner for a wide range of organizations.

Assessment & Psychometric Tools

One of our most in demand services involves assessment and development centers. Together with our local and international teams and experts, we design and deliver assessment and development centers, including a range of assessment and development center exercises such as group discussions, business simulations, role plays, in-trays, and competency based interviews. Atieh Roshan is a partner of UK-based a&dc.