Assessment & Psychometric Tools

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Providing an “assessment solution”, begins with understanding the role and job, the organisation, its values and business objectives. If a competency framework exists, we align our assessment tools with an individual’s job performance forecast. If an organisation does not have a competency framework, we help to design and create one.

Psychometrics and assessments allow us to examine how individuals:

  1. Work and what are their work style preferences
  2. What are their talents and abilities
  3. What charactertistics do we see in their personality and behaviour

Our assessment solutions look at all three components, providing a more accurate picture of individuals within an organisation, their strengths, talents, potentials and development areas.

At Atieh Roshan, we focus on selecting and utlizing the most appropriate assessment solutions for our customers’ needs.

Our assessment tools include:

  • Business Simulations (designing and holding assessment, development and learning centers)
  • Online 360° Feedback
  • Designing and Holding Competency Based Interviews
  • CV Screening
  • Online Personality Questionnaire or Psychometric Questionnaire

Atieh Roshan is licensed to use the a&dc library of assessment and development center exercises. This includes a vast range of group discussions, business simulations, role plays, in-tray exercises, presentations and competency based interviews. These exercises have been localized to use in the Iranian context.

In addition, Atieh Roshan and Iranian psychometrics company Vijegi partnered together to create local tests and exercises as well as an online psychometrics platform for our clients. Vijegi provides online solutions such as designing exercises and competency-based activities, designing and normalizing psychometric tests, and creating an online questionnaire system.

Once tests are completed, respondents receive their personalized reports plus interpretations of their test results from our consultants at Atieh Roshan.

Our services in this field include :

  • Questionnaires and tests
    – NEO characteristic questionnaire
    – EQ questionnaire
    – Ability questionnaire
    – Method of leadership questionnaire
    – Cognitive assessment
    – IQ test
  • Other related tools
    – Designing and supplying personality/behavioral questionnaires and behavioral exercises for assessment and development centers

Our Other Services

Human Capital Index Surveys

All over the world, pioneer organizations observe the most significant human capital indexes such as reward, motivation, employee commitment and engagement over different specified periods of time and then analyze them diligently. These surveys are consistently conducted by specialized consulting companies, which practice standard techniques in this area.

HRM Consulting

One of the important considerations of organizations is preserving their competiveness in the market, having internal equity and creating an appropriate environment for human capital selection and retention to offer quality performance. ARC, relying on the standard techniques and valuable experiences gained through running numerous projects, has managed to become a strategic partner for a wide range of organizations.

Leadership, Development & Coaching

As an HR consulting company, one of our main objectives is to empower and enhance the capabilities of specialists, middle managers and senior managers of organizations in the fields of human resource leadership as well as human resource management. Our trainers make every effort to contribute to the human capital development in organizations by using their unique experiences and the most recent findings on the desired areas.