Human Capital Index Surveys

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”
Peter Drucker

Our most significant surveys in terms of human capital indexes are as follows :

  • Annual Compensation Survey
  • Annual Benefit Survey
  • Employee Total Cost
  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Talent Management Survey

These surveys are powerful tools in the competitive and dynamic markets of today, as they can help organizations in analyzing market trends and making deliberate changes accordingly by using related techniques and policies.

The information provided by the above-mentioned surveys includes a comparison and analysis of compensation and benefit packages in different careers and positions that exist in the market. The cash and non-cash aspects of these packages are also taken into account.

Moreover, in more detailed and comprehensive reports, we can make a comparison between existing market trends regarding health and medical plans, retirement, and other related cases.

Other cases, which can be extracted from the above-mentioned surveys, are: motivation, employee commitment, organizational culture, work pressure, role clarity, interpersonal communication quality and personal capabilities.

In addition, the surveys can provide us with some valuable information about the future image and outlook of existing talents in the market and related challenges.

Our Other Services

Assessment & Psychometric Tools

One of our most in demand services involves assessment and development centers. Together with our local and international teams and experts, we design and deliver assessment and development centers, including a range of assessment and development center exercises such as group discussions, business simulations, role plays, in-trays, and competency based interviews. Atieh Roshan is a partner of UK-based a&dc.

HRM Consulting

One of the important considerations of organizations is preserving their competiveness in the market, having internal equity and creating an appropriate environment for human capital selection and retention to offer quality performance. ARC, relying on the standard techniques and valuable experiences gained through running numerous projects, has managed to become a strategic partner for a wide range of organizations.

Leadership, Development & Coaching

As an HR consulting company, one of our main objectives is to empower and enhance the capabilities of specialists, middle managers and senior managers of organizations in the fields of human resource leadership as well as human resource management. Our trainers make every effort to contribute to the human capital development in organizations by using their unique experiences and the most recent findings on the desired areas.