HRM Consulting

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”
Alan Lakein

Atieh Roshan Consulting’s HRM services include job analysis, evaluation and the designing of structures of cash and non-cash performance / non performance-based payments.

A job analysis and evaluation contains the definition of duties and responsibilities in a job and specifies the required behavior and features, which are expected from the jobholders. It is aimed at devising a practical structure between jobs and other functions of human resources like job grading, performance management, training, development and recruitment.

Reward Management Consulting

Atieh Roshan Consulting has a solid background and extensive experience in reward consulting and has been a pioneer in this field. Atieh Roshan has carried out numerous projects on compensation and benefit management consulting with the aim of helping companies to establish internal equity and external competitiveness. These projects have mostly included :

  • Job analysis (JA)
  • Job evaluation (JE)
  • Compensation and benefit gap analysis against the selected market
  • Designing pay structure and C&B model
  • Specifying different components of the compensation and benefit package
  • Designing salary structure
  • Designing pay for performance (for sale and non-sale employees)
  • Compensation and benefit manual

Atieh Roshan Consulting has run numerous projects on job analysis and evaluation for companies of different sizes and in different industries such as banking, cement and industries related to FMCG.

In such projects, ARC always applies one of the main international systems of job evaluation and takes into account all legal factors and specific requirements of the Iranian market.

Performance Management System

The performance management system is a tool providing organizations with the opportunity to parallel employees’ performances with organizational objectives. If this system is designed carefully and applied appropriately, it can be immensely useful and will lead to an advancement of organizational performance; however, if it is devised poorly, it can do serious harm to the organization.

Atieh Roshan Consulting has gained unique experiences in designing, implementing and training in the field, which are as follows :

  • Designing competency frameworks
  • Developing a culture of dialogue
  • Specifying the key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Designing the performance evaluation system and preparing the manual
  • Training the system

Other Consulting Areas

  • Designing recruitment and selection manuals
  • Developing talent management strategy and processes
  • Succession planning

Our Other Services

Human Capital Index Surveys

All over the world, pioneer organizations observe the most significant human capital indexes such as reward, motivation, employee commitment and engagement over different specified periods of time and then analyze them diligently. These surveys are consistently conducted by specialized consulting companies, which practice standard techniques in this area.

Assessment & Psychometric Tools

One of our most in demand services involves assessment and development centers. Together with our local and international teams and experts, we design and deliver assessment and development centers, including a range of assessment and development center exercises such as group discussions, business simulations, role plays, in-trays, and competency based interviews. Atieh Roshan is a partner of UK-based a&dc.

Leadership, Development & Coaching

As an HR consulting company, one of our main objectives is to empower and enhance the capabilities of specialists, middle managers and senior managers of organizations in the fields of human resource leadership as well as human resource management. Our trainers make every effort to contribute to the human capital development in organizations by using their unique experiences and the most recent findings on the desired areas.